Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How Stupid I Am !

Assalamualaikum people !

OMG ! You know what, I am totally stupid! hahahaha.. I'm trying to pay my uni fee but when I'm trying to key in my matric and ic number, the system told me that my matric and ic number is not in the system and I was what? How I'm going to pay the fee ? I am super lazy to go to bank and making the bank slip and so on. You know what, after 1 day trying to key in the matric number and try it again and again, I try to open the offer later and just copy and paste the matric number. and taraaa I can finally open the online banking system. Do you know what is going wrong for the whole day ? I thought that my matric number start with AL padahal AI yes, huruf i. what a day !

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Software Engineering Student at UTHM

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone ! 

Alhamdulillah on 11 August 2015 I've got an offer from UTHM yeayyy! At first I was frustrated because my expectation was I will get UKM in food course but yeah I've got offer from UTHM. UTHM is located at Johor and I was shock ! In my matriculation level, I went to Kolej Mara Kulim, Kedah and now in JOHOR ? But looking at the course, Software engineering makes me relief because this is my love. 

By far, I've done some research about the uni and UTHM is great ! My course is just about 3.5 years. I hope that I can manage my time and money there because hehehe I want to go to Singapore in my final year kalau boleh. I didn't get wpp PTPTN but I'll try to apply any scholarship if any equivalent to my matric result (duh!). Believe it or not I didn't make any preparation to go to uni. I was super lazy padahal next week dah nak pergi daftar. 

Anyway, talking about Software Engineering,I've read some of others blog about this and some of the bloggers said that Software Engineering is really hard to stick to one job and I ask about it to my family and friends but they encourage me to just proceed and study because the job scope is large, just tawakal and usaha sebab ni rezeki, kita tak tahu. 2 days ago I went to Digital Mall and I've got a laptop yeayyy! and today TM staff came to my house and doing the unifi installment yeayy! (again) . 

This is one of the big step in my life, to proceed to my degree level. My next step ? Getting a job or maybe doing part time master (ye la, masa bujang ni kena habiskan masa untuk belajar) . My target is to continue my study till phD level. I might not fulfill my parents dreams of me being a medical doctor but let the doctor title to be in my name. Being able to see them happy and looking me succeed is the most beautiful things in my life. Next year I am 20. Some of my family or friends start to discuss about marriage. hmm ? Maybe I just want to berbakti to my parents and give what my adik-adik want. Let me travel around the world first ? Hahaha andartu la kau. 

Anyway, pray for me! xoxo, Leeyana.