Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How Stupid I Am !

Assalamualaikum people !

OMG ! You know what, I am totally stupid! hahahaha.. I'm trying to pay my uni fee but when I'm trying to key in my matric and ic number, the system told me that my matric and ic number is not in the system and I was what? How I'm going to pay the fee ? I am super lazy to go to bank and making the bank slip and so on. You know what, after 1 day trying to key in the matric number and try it again and again, I try to open the offer later and just copy and paste the matric number. and taraaa I can finally open the online banking system. Do you know what is going wrong for the whole day ? I thought that my matric number start with AL padahal AI yes, huruf i. what a day !

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Aini Shah said...

Hi Leeyana, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate? Email me at I couldn't find your email so I am leaving a comment to u. Hope to hear soon. Thanks! Ps: this is NOT a spam yah haha :)