Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Eid

Assalamualaikum, my blog is quite dull kan? haha it is because, I am so lazy to deal with the designs etc but I'll do it, later. Today is tuesday and tomorrow is the day me and my family are going to BALIK KAMPUNG! All my cookies are done and I'll bring all those cookies to my kampung. Last 2 years, I can't do any of kuih raya just because I'm having my SPM then I am busy with my college but this year, I manage to do it alone even though my ibu said that I can't do any of cookies but yeah, I've got money in my pocket and I buy some stuff to make cookies. So, this year, I have done biskut sarang semut, blueberry cheese tart and honey cornflakes. Today, I want to add just one more of my fav cookies which is Biscotti but I couldn't find any of pistachio but I only got almond and I'll try to do Almond Biscotti. Happy Eid everyone !